Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

La Bella Luna

by Kris Phillips

It was a beautiful early Spring afternoon when I get the chance to be a kid again and play with sweet little Luna. The leftover snow from the latest blizzard was still melting off in the warm sunshine.

I arrived a few minutes early and while I was testing my camera out a pair of geese wandered over for a closeup. I don’t often get out to photograph wildlife so I figured what the heck? I was all crunched up with a goose in my viewfinder when I heard from behind me, “Are you Kris?” I jumped up feeling like I’d been busted goofing off.

I quickly composed myself to greet Maddie, her boyfriend, Craig, and Little Luna, who greeted me with the joyous excitement of a 10 week old puppy. As she licked my face & camera lens and chewed on my hair I definitely felt like a little kid again. I think that’s the joy of puppies, they bring out the youth in us all.

Maddie & Craig are such an adorable couple, and easy to photograph. But it’s not surprising that everywhere we went in Lions Park, all the attention fell on Luna. Seriously, how adorable is her puppy smile?

We spent the next two hours playing in the snow, watching Luna chase geese, and wrestling the adorable pup back into place. Maddie told me how Luna was her very first dog, so it was super important to capture these fleeting moments.

I left that afternoon feeling like a kid again! It turns out a little puppy time is good for the soul. In fact a recent study showed that just looking at a photo of a puppy could be good for your health.

When I met up with Maddie again just a couple weeks later to show her all the fun we had, I couldn’t believe how much Luna had grown. I can’t wait to see her again in a year!

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