Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Woman sitting by the creek in Fall with her dog.
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Woman sitting in the park with her Dachshund
Photo of Cattle dog giving kisses
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
Photo of woman with multiple dogs in mountain field.
Border Collie Dog Photo
Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.
Border Collie photo in park with owner
Dog Photo by Clear Creek in Golden Colorado
German Shepherd with owner in the mountains.
Hound mix photo in Golden Colorado
Yorkie dog photo Downtown Denver
Siberian Husky photo in Rocky Mountains

Kash's Day Out

by Kris Phillips

Meet Kash, in his own words “My friends call me Buudawg. I like fresh bone-a-alts, and I hate when it rains. I love struttin’ my stuff. Yet, my favorite thing is when the mailman puts stuff in the box, and I chomp, chomp, chomp as it comes through the slot. And I’m pretty much the heart of my Mom and Dad.”

He’s never far from Mom, a bit of a velcro pup. Which he may have learned from leaning to far out the car window as a youngster. Fortunately, he didn’t get hurt but it was scary enough to never do it again.

As a general rule French Bulldogs require a little help to reproduce. But the fates felt it was so important for Kash to become part of Nicoles life that they stepped in with a bulldog size miracle. When Nicoles neighbors had an unexpected Frenchie connection, she fell in love with the resulting Kash.

Nicoles been a nurse for almost a decade and finds her yoga practice a good way to unwind both her body and her spirit from the demands of her career. And she credits yoga with “learning to breath.” She shared with me that when she first started to focus on her breath she felt like she’d been holding it for years. And that was one of the most profound difference yoga has made for her, learning to just breathe. Nicole’s favorite pose is Chivasita. If I’m being honest, this is also my favorite part of my practice.

The Yoga Dog Project is an ongoing book project. I expect to have the book released around the end of July. With artwork available for purchase shortly after.

If you’d like to schedule a Yoga Dog Session head over to the contacts page or email me directly at Kris@FureverFriendsPhotos.com


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