Eat Stay Love

by Kris Phillips

If you’re looking to give something back, there are certainly no shortage of pets in need here in Colorado. You can walk dogs & snuggle cats at the local shelter, foster puppies in need, or even rehabilitate abandoned dogs if you have the training. There really is no wrong way to help.

But one group, Colorado Pet Pantry, is working hard to keep beloved pets out of the shelter in the first place.

New research suggests the number one reason people surrender their pets is economics.

  • 40% of Americans can’t afford a $400 emergency expense (auto repair, vet bill)
  • Roughly 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck
  • 35% of US adults have only several hundred dollars in savings, another 34% have nothing saved.

What do these statistics mean? That an overwhelming number of us are just a paycheck, unexpected expense, or layoff from making the excruciating decision of whether to keep the dog you can no longer feed or surrender them and hope someone else can.

(photo courtesy CPP volunteer)

This is where Colorado Pet Pantry steps in to provide families with the food to keep pets where they are already loved. In fact, in 2018 they helped families in need feed 2.3 million meals to 39,000 pets around Denver and the surrounding areas.

Want to help?


  • Donating can be as easy as dropping a bag of food off to one of the MANY donation stations around Denver & the surrounding areas.
  • Or donate cash through their website, it just takes $5 to feed one pet in need for a MONTH!

It can also be SOOO much fun! Colorado Pet Pantry puts the FUN in FUNd-raising with some awesome events.

  • Bow Wow Film Festival , May 3rd. At last year’s event Robbie & I enjoyed a wonderful evening of cocktails, gourmet hors d’oeuvres,  & short films that celebrate the amazing furry creatures we share our lives with.
  • Relay For Rescue July 20th. This an awesome adults only day of fun. It’s really more of a bar crawl & scavenger hunt for a good cause than a relay race. Seriously, the most fun I EVER had for charity.



Food bank: Enjoy meeting the people you’re helping by volunteering to hand out food at one of 25 area food banks.

Special Event Staff: Whether pouring beer for charity or just getting the word out, CPP needs people to help out at various events throughout the year.

Warehouse: Help organize all that food coming in by volunteering in the warehouse.

Pickup & Delivery: Coordinate with partner stores in your neighborhood to pick up food donations and deliver them to the warehouse.


Losing your job shouldn’t mean giving up your best friend. And the amazing coordinators, donors, and volunteers at Colorado Pet Pantry are providing a much needed safety net for families in crisis.

Their motto says it all!

As long as pets have food to EAT

They get to STAY right where they are

With the families that LOVE them.

It’s not a bad workout either ;P

Go to the Colorado Pet Pantry Website for details about their mission and how to help.

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