Inn at Lost Creek-Our Magical Weekend in Telluride

by Kris Phillips

Our drive to the Inn at Lost Creek in Telluride  was a bit longer than expected, probably because we took the scenic route through the mountains. Stopping here an there to enjoy the views. So by the time we finally rolled in, I was beyond exhausted. I melted over the steering wheel wanting nothing more than to fling myself in a hot bath. But knowing there was the check-in, unload, settle the dogs part still ahead. To my elated surprise, the moment we pulled in we were greeted by a smiling bellhop with a huge cart and a pocketful of dog treats. She radioed our arrival to the front desk so they were prepared to check us in as soon as we unloaded our long weekends worth of luggage, dog stuff, and groceries (mostly snacks & our favorite libations). They tucked our truck away safely in their underground garage. All we had to do was walk in the door.

If the luxury had stopped there I’d have considered the weekend a success, but what was waiting for us in our room was beyond anything I could have expected. The view was astounding and the decor luxurious but cozy.

Even the dogs enjoyed sitting on the small balcony & watching the snow-cats go by. 

Our gorgeous suite was cozy and elegant. With a bottle of wine awaiting our celebration. And huge, lavish dog beds and stainless steel bowls to make Swota and Floki feel right at home. Though Swota was happy to snuggle down next to the pass through fireplace.

The concierge offered all the local information we could have possibly wanted, from where to find the one restaurant open that day, to the closest hiking trails, the best spot for some snow fun and directions to their sister resort where we were welcome to enjoy their spa.

Every November I take a long weekend break from the hustle of holiday photo season to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Being the adventurous couple that we are, every year is a new mission to find an awesome dog friendly getaway. Over the years we’ve come to learn that while many hotels advertise “dog friendly”, the majority of them fall more into the category of “dog tolerant”. They will allow you to bring your fur-babies, but restrict what rooms you can stay in, where you can go, and don’t you dare leave that dog unattended. We actually had one hotel explain that “no, we could not even leave the dogs to go to the on-site pool or dining area”. Well, we could but not both of us at the same time. Which of course put a bit of a damper on the romance.

The Inn at Lost Creek not only allowed us to leave the dogs to sleep in the room while we enjoyed the spa and other no-dog areas, but offered to take them out for a walk if we were going to be gone long. 

After a gourmet breakfast in the dining area (without the dogs of course) we enjoyed a delightful snowy hike and wandered the vacant cobblestone streets of Telluride Village. Our anniversary falls right between the summer & winter seasons. So many of the shops and restaurants were closed. But the magical feeling of having the town all to ourselves more than made up for the inconvenience.The spa at their sister resort was also lovely, with an indoor/outdoor pool. And several hot tubs to enjoy. Of course, because I’m a big kid at heart I couldn’t help but take advantage of the water-slide when no one was looking.

We had lots of time to play with the dogs, tossing snowballs in the air and even got in some outlaw sledding on the freshly made snow. 

Of course the absolute pinnacle of our experience was watching the sun set over the snow-capped mountains while drinking cocktails in the roof-top spa. What a way to celebrate 7 years of marriage!

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