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Brandy & Ash- The Wandering Aussies

by Kris Phillips

Christy found Brandy as a teeny tiny pup on a rural Texas farm when she was just 8 weeks old. She made the old mistake of “just going to look at the puppies” and got lost in little Brandy’s beautiful blue eyes, which have since turned amber. Christy’s attention was caught by Brandy’s striking beauty but her heart was won by Brandy’s larger than life personality. They’ve criss-crossed the countryside together, and Brandy is always ready to strike a pose or climb a tree. 

Brandy & Ash showed their best manners and Aussie heritage at our frozen photo session. What started out as a relatively comfortable afternoon quickly cooled as the sun sunk toward the horizon. But this sweet pair had a blast playing in the snow between shots. Brandy proved to be quite the diva, repeatedly stealing the shot. Or maybe she was just wondering why this strange hooman was laying on the ground with a giant plastic eye in front of her face.

Christy teaches twice a week with a focus on balance, slow and smooth movement and breathwork.

This beautiful family is only recently reunited. A few years ago Christy’s breakup with her boyfriend forced a dividing of dogs. Since she’d had Brandy longer, Brandy stayed with Mom while Ash moved to Texas with the Ex. After 3 long years apart Christy got the best news ever, her ex didn’t want Ash any more. After driving nearly 24 hours strait to bring her baby home, Christy earned her title as hard-core Dog-Mom. “After not seeing my baby for over 3 years I finally have her back and it still feels surreal. She’s brought my heart back together FINALLY”⠀⠀⠀

Christy moved heaven and earth to bring her fur-family back together, And I’m betting it would take an act of God to ever separate them again.

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