Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Sunny Sookie

by Kris Phillips

I met Gareth and Sookie on a lovely warmish (for winter) afternoon. Gareth brought to our session an elegantly strong practice. No surprise since she practices several times a week at Core Power. She finds yoga to be the best stress-management tool as she works her way through the daunting masters thesis process.

Having learned a bit about Sookie I think she may have been a shepherd in a previous life. She seems to care quite a bit about her pack and making sure they are happy, healthy, and most importantly together. Growing up, she would make sure her hooman got enough exercise by running around and between her legs to play “catch-me-if-you-can”.

Sookie’s something of a lover. Preferring to carry her toys gently along with her rather than destroy them. Her favorite puppy-hood toy was a stuffed mallard which may have come in super handy when she discovered a chicken while visiting Gareth’s parent. When the call came in that Sookie had caught a chicken, fears of the of the expected carnage shot through Gareth’s mind. But Sookie must’ve just thought it was another stuffie for her to love one, because other that being soaked in slobber, and a little traumatized, the chicken came away unscathed.

Sookie loves to find the sunshine in any situation, or any room really. And will migrate throughout the day to ensure a nice even tan.

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