3 Peas in a Pod

by Kris Phillips

I met Mariah, Charley and Vixen on a lovely but chilly afternoon. While the temperature was in the 20’s the sun was shining so we played a little ball with the girls before rolling out our mats.

Mariah & the girls found each other in a Texas rescue in 2015 and have been inseparable ever since.

Mariah’s something of a self taught yogi, after finding yoga in college she found it just more practical to practice at home.

When we rolled out our mats the wind kicked up. But Mariah worked her way through a beautiful flow with the girls by her side.

Charley is a serious social butterfly. Not only does she love all her hooman’s friends but she’s apt to make new hooman friends all on her one. Once while Mom ran into the grocery store to grab some grub, Charley decided to hop outta the car an introduce herself to all the ladies at the salon next door.

At home she never hesitates to express her opinion. She uses the ‘potty bells’ to not only tell Mom when she needs out but also if she’s bored, annoyed with her sister, or just because.

Vixen LOVES fetch and swimming, and if she can do both at the same time? JACKPOT!!!

She tried once to teach her sister Charley how to swim, but it quickly turned into more of an attempted drowning. I’m sure Charley forgave her as soon as she got to sport a stylish new life-jacket.

Vixen is also quite the agile little girl. Her ability to climb has earned her the title of Queen Counter-Surfer! Over the years the most odd things have turned up in the crate- silverware, food wrappers & boxes, things Mom coulda sworn she’d put away. The mystery remained until a recent Christmas gift of a nest camera revealed that not only was Vixen able to get ALL the way on the counter, she was also able to open the cabinets above the counter to get at the best goodies! Now that’s one talented pupper!

I was initially concerned about whether we’d be able to shoot the silhouettes with both dogs. But they were amazingly well mannered and focused on their Mom. Sometimes it’s awesome to be proven wrong.


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