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The Convenience of Food-Part 2

by Kris Phillips

We ordered Sun Basket week 2. Right from the get go Sun Basket was my early favorite. There are a TON of meal options every week. And they are clearly labeled with what type of meal plan they fit into- paleo, keto, vegan, etc. Plus, you can mix & match your weekly meals, you’re not locked into one meal plan or another.

When the meals came in I really appreciated that the recipe required little prep and used minimal pans & bowls.

Our first meal looked really great while we prepped it. And the flavor profile was good. But the portion size was, well, left my husband and I starving a few hours later. With just one single skinless chicken thigh a piece, plus some broccoli our dinner came to a whopping 335 calories.

I will take some of the blame, as I selected something that fell into their lean and trim plan. But even working hard to shed that winter insulation, I try to stay close to 1200 a day, usually reserving a little less than half of that for dinner. Even the photo on their recipe card showed two thighs per plate. So I’m not sure we actually got what was supposed to be in the meal kit. It probably would have been fine if I’d planned accordingly, but as it was, we finished dinner with still growling stomachs.

Our second meal was great, but the third meal, not s’much. I had really high hopes for Sun Basket but wasn’t overly impressed with the actual flavor of the meals. I guess that’s the trade off for easy prep.

I did appreciate that each company made a point to recommend recycling as much of their packing material as possible.

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