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The Convenience of Food-Part 1

by Kris Phillips

I’ve been gluten free for about 5 years now, though I’m horrible at at. And with several mud runs planned for this summer I’ve decided to try out a Keto diet. Finding food that suits both mine and Robbie’s allergy restrictions, dietary preferences, is still healthy and doesn’t taste like cardboard can be daunting.

So ultimately we end up eating the same things over and over again, until I’m completely sick of it! But I also hate food waste so planning for the week is kinda my thing. Being sure to buy just what we need, oh and all the things we need. I still remember when I first started trying to do weekly meal plans, I was so proud of myself. I went shopping and came home with bags and bags of groceries. I thought “this’ll be great, wont have to go back to the store for like 2 weeks!”. And then as we started to round up the ingredients for our first dinner. I’d forgotten one ingredient for every. Single. Meal.

I couldn’t believe it. I was so frustrated! So now there are lists. Lists of weekly menus, and lists of all the things that go in them. And while I’m a list making person, these are the lists I hate most of all. I don’t WANT to think about what I’m going to eat 4 days from now. I don’t really want to think about what I’m going to eat at all.

If you’re like me, you’re too busy to put so much time & energy into food. So a meal delivery subscription sounded AWESOME!!! But which one? I decided this was a perfect chance to do some experimenting and report back. In this 3 part series I’m going to check out some of the top subscription options and give you the highlights.

First up I tried Hello Fresh. I can’t report on anything except that only after going through the subscription process did I find out that they don’t categorize their meals by allergen restrictions or dietary preferences. So you have to read through every meal to be sure it’ll work for you. The whole point was convenience so I opted out immediately.

Next up was their sister company, Green Chef.

Green Chef. Overall I really like this one. They clearly broke the meal plans down into specialized meal options- paleo, vegan, gluten-free, etc. This does mean that your option within each plan is a little bit limited. There are 5 meals to choose from each week. You can change to another food plan at any time, but not mix and match.

I started with their gluten free meal, though maybe should have gone with their keto options. At first glance I was pretty impressed with how conveniently every thing was packaged. Though by the end of the week i felt like id thrown away dozens of tiny plastic bags. 

Overall the meals were quite tasty. Though the recipes seemed unnecessarily complex. With an abundance of prep work and clean up. The complicated recipes seemed to use as many bowls and pans as possible. One recipe included pistachios and they arrived in the shell. I dont mean to whine. But i felt like the abundance of prep work kinda defeated the entire purpose of the service. Same with the complicated recipes. At the end of a long day, Robbie and i do our best to cook together. Its kind of a relaxing way to catch up on the others day and also unwind from work. So doing a ton of prep work for a complicated recipe was not what I was hoping for.

However, the flavor profiles did at least make all the work worth it. For the most part. Our 3rd meal left something to be desired- meatloaf with roasted potatoes. Nothing against meat loaf, its a wholesome hearty, all-American meal. But for the $25 a meal price point I felt a little cheated by meatloaf. I could have shopped the meal myself for $5. I know, paying for the convenience, but it wasn’t all that convenient. So If you enjoy the prep and clean up, I know some people do, Green Chef is probably a good one for you. The food was quite tasty and incorporated some really unique flavors, well except the meat loaf.


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