Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Coalton Takes On The Yeti

by Kris Phillips

I met Coalton & Judy several years ago when Coalton was just a few months old and we did a beautiful Fall family photo session on Judy’s families horse farm. As a photographer there are just some photos that stay with you, and the image of her two adorable kiddos running through golden fields with a Labrador puppy is one of perfect joyfulness. And Coalton brought that same joyful heart to our session last week. Dogs seem to know innately that growing up is no reason to stop being playful.

Pulling into the tree-lined drive of Judy’s families farm was a completely different experience this time around. Last time we got together was a warm Fall afternoon. The rolling fields were golden and the trees had yet to drop their firey leaves. This time, in late January the world was a blanket of white. Deep snow slowed our walk up the hill to our perfect hilltop location. Well deep snow and Coaltons enthusiasm for killing the big white furry beast that kept following us, HA! After my first couple snowy Yoga Dog sessions I realized that a frozen mat was not all that comfortable, plus it didn’t leave enough room for chilled puppy butts. So I started hauling along one of my new session blankets. Bought just this winter to accommodate snow sessions of all kinds. I’m not sure if Coalton was convinced the blanket was a friend or foe, but he certainly showed it who’s boss!

Judy held her beautiful poses despite freezing toes. While curious Coalton would sit just long enough for me to grab a couple shots before charging off to see what other Yeti’s he could find in the deep snow. Then he’d come right back for another round.

He was such a good boy for the whole session that when he found a stick as big as he was we couldn’t help but play some fetch. Kneeling on the ground while an excited lab charged my way with a tree branch may have been one of my riskier shots, but it was oh so worth it!

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