Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Ryder Returns

by Kris Phillips

I had a blast photographing Mel & Ryder back in the Fall, so I was thrilled when she volunteered for the Yoga Dog Project. This time around we got together at Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines. I was amazed by how warm and soft the grass was, just a week before I’d shot in 6 inches of snow at the very same spot!

But there we were, barefoot and laying on the grass, not even worried about mats or blankets. Ryder felt the same way and rolled over and over in the dry grass. Once he got some good rolling in, he went right back to being the best little male model.

And I enjoyed a chance to get to know them a little better.

Ryder and Melissa saved eachother some years ago, and she dubbed him her Knight in Shining Armor, in fact Ryder means knight. He loves making new friends and really seems to want some horse friends, or maybe he just wants to try jousting?

He’s a whole lotta boss in a small package. Ryder will let Mel know it’s time for bed. When the weekend rolls around and she’s a little slow to get her hiking boots on, he’ll wiggle his butt and bark until she’s ready to go!

Melissa works hard so Ryder can have a better life. And who wouldn’t with that adorable face?! While she’s away at work he occupies himself with killing any wayward squeaker toys that roam into his territory. He takes his work very seriously and doesn’t stop until he’s sure that squeaker wont bother anyone again. And when he’s taken out the last of the squeaks, he’s shows his Mom appreciation by helping out around the house. And he’s quite the helper… Ryder spit-polishes (licks) all the furniture AND pre-warms the couch blankets. What a good little helper!

But this little boss definitely has a softer side. He loves to snuggle under the blanket on the couch. Follows Melissa from room to room. And even holds hands while watching tv.

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The book release is planned for late July, 2019.

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