Yoga Dog Project-Kahlua on Ice

by Kris Phillips

Meet Kahlua & Carrie. Carrie specializes in natural pet products and loves yoga because it helps her reset at the end of a long day. Kahlua uses Carries mat time to catch up on her antler chewing.

Kahlua’s a super sweet 3 year old Shar Pei/ Red Heeler mix. Carrie calls her rescue love at first sight. “I love everything about her really. But if I had to choose one thing I loved the most it would be how her ears crinkle and she wiggles her whole body and cries with excitement when I get home or when she sees my boyfriend, Matt.”

Kahlua tells the story pretty well-

“The day I met my mommy, there was a lot of noise and movement. There were a lot of other humans and a lot of other dogs just like me. The other dogs and humans were not in the same room as me, it’s strange to me but I’m calm and quiet.
All of a sudden a woman opened up the see through box I am in and takes me out. I am in the loud noisy room with all the other dogs and humans. The woman who is holding me brings me to see this human who looks excited to see me. I am set down on the floor. All of a sudden, the excited happy human across from me makes a noise that sounds very kind. She said, “hi”. I think I like this human. But, you never know until you sniff them so I decide I’m going to try that.
I waddle over to her, and she reaches her hand out. I look up at her and into her eyes. The heck with sniffs! I slowly claw onto her lap, sit in it, and lick her chin. She gave be the biggest hug and could tell that she already loved me!
Now three years have passed and the human I know as Mama has given me the best life I could imagine! I get to eat a real raw food diet  that I’m meant to eat! I get treats, and I get to play games and do tricks, I get to go run in the mountains on these things called hike! I get to play with other dogs, and lay in the sun for as long as I want! I know my Mama loves me, and she knows I love her too. “

I have to give Carrie and Kahlua lots of credit for being hard core models! Our first session got snowed out. The next day I held my breath through the morning as the clouds faded away leaving us with a sunny afternoon. It looked like we’d have the perfect session, until arriving on site, I got out of the truck and was smashed with an arctic blast!

The clouds had not burned off in the sun, they were blown away, along with the Ice Cream shop cow over in Morrison. I quickly gave Carrie my ruff weather speech- something to the effect of “you made it all the way here, let’s see what we can get, but if it gets too miserable we’ll call it”. Carrie agreed and Kahlua was too excited by the squeeker in my pocket to notice the high winds. Getting the mats down was a challenge, but we pinned them quickly. I used my camera bag and Kahlua used her bottom. Stepping onto her mat Carrie set her shoes to the side and they actually started to BLOW AWAY!!! Carries first attempt at tree was quickly blown over as well. And the only sound was us laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. When Kahlua spotted Carries mat bag blowing across the country side we finally caved, rolled up our mats and chased it down.

We met up again a little later in the week, in much calmer weather, but 6 inches of fresh snow. While Kahlua had a blast playing in the new snow, I’m not sure Carries bare toes appreciated it much. Oh, the things we do for beauty.

The Yoga Dog Project is currently slated to continue through May or until I have too many beautiful images for the book, whichever comes first.


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