Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Border collies with owner enjoying Denver's front range mountains
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
Photo of woman with multiple dogs in mountain field.
Border Collie Dog Photo
Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.
Dog Photo by Clear Creek in Golden Colorado
German Shepherd with owner in the mountains.
Hound mix photo in Golden Colorado
Yorkie dog photo Downtown Denver
Siberian Husky photo in Rocky Mountains

5 Ways to Treat Your Furry Valentine

by Kris Phillips

Single, Married, It’s Complicated- No matter what your relationship status there is someone who’s always by your side. Always there when your spouse is on your last nerve or your blind date turned out to be a total fail. He might act like a clown to make you smile, or quietly rest his head on your lap just to make sure you know he’s there. And he’s always ALWAYS excited to see you! It’s your Furry Valentine! Do something extra special to show him how much you love him.

  1. Extra outside time. If you’re like us those freezing temps have made it hard to spend much time outside. But your dog misses the sunshine as much as you do! So bundle up and spend a little extra time outside. Play fetch, throw a snowball, or just go for a walk.
  2. Surprise her with a new toy. Sure your dog probably has a well-loved favorite but why not head down to your favorite pet boutique and pick up something brand new. If your dog doesn’t love toys, how about a little doggy bling- new collar. Or for the more practical pup a new bed even.
  3. A special treat. While you’re picking up a new toy, don’t forget to stop by the local barkery and get a special treat. You know, the kind of extra extravagant goody that’s only allowed on special occasions.
  4. Home-made treats. If you’re pretty handy in the kitchen you could also hunt down some dog-friendly baking recipes. Nothing says I love you like fresh baked dog-bone biscuits.
  5. Treat your pup to a massage. You can hire a professional or do a crash course on YouTube. Either way a nice long doggy massage is bound to melt away those winter blues and show Fido just how much you appreciate him.

Bonus: Start planning your dogs very own photo session! I have a few winter sessions still available if you LOVE the snow, don’t wait! It’ll be Spring before you know it.

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