Elsa, Selene, and Kahlua-Sisters from another mister!

by Kris Phillips

I met Catie and Shad a few days after the new year for an uptown photo shoot. While I normally head to the Union Station area for urban images, I had a feeling that those narrow old streets might be too confining for these three big dogs.

Finding new locations is always a fun & challenging experience. After a day of staring at topographic maps, driving through neighborhoods, and even hiking to the top of Table Mountain I found this great spot in Old Town Golden.

The red brick architecture, concrete bridges and steel beams skirting along frozen Clear Creek just felt like the perfect backdrop for this modern family. Thanks to the chill in the air and early morning the sidewalks were practically abandoned. 

Shad & Catie are one of those chill couples you just wanna go grab a beer or go camping with. And it turns out that’s pretty much how the won each other over. 

Shad & Catie met at work almost immediately became good friends, sharing the same silly sense of humor. After-work softball & beers quickly lead to more serious conversations. But it was a mutual friend that gave Catie the hint that Shad might be interested in more than just friendship. She didn’t wait him out for long before she stepped outside her usual, and took the gutsy approach and asking why he hadn’t made a move yet.  And it wasn’t long at all before they were moving in together.  Shad may not have been hard to win over but Daddy’s girl Selene took a little more time & effort. In fact her favorite spot is right in the middle of the bed, right between Shad & Catie, and if she can’t snuggle in the middle she’ll lay right on top of whoever’s there. And after spending a little time chillin in the yard the otherwise laid-back girl will kick it into high gear and run up the stairs to be the first one in bed.



Elsa is a super sweet Aussie who’s been with Catie since she was a youngster. While she’s not a puppy any more you’d never know it, her new sisters bring out the play in her. Elsa’s a bit of a flirt and just have to have the attention of any guy friends who come by to hang out.


She may love a good squeeky toy bottle of wine but don’t be fooled this pretty pup’s a total tomboy. She loves to go camping, get dirty, and if you sleep past her breakfast time she will politely remind you with a full-body tackle to your sleeping face.

Kahlua’s the smallest of the three. And as much as she likes to start playtime she can get overwhelmed by her bigger sisters. Like most huskies, Kahlua is incredibly loving- but only on her terms. When you least expect it, she’ll surprise you with a gentle kiss on the cheek. But if you give her a kiss you’ll get a quick rejection. If you are hanging out with a glass of wine or a beer though you’d better keep a close eye on it or the aptly name Kahlua will sneak a sip.  

This cool couple came complete with layered wardrobe changes! And seriously I LOVED the matching track suits! Hello, next years Christmas card. 


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