Perrin's Mountain Adventure

by Kris Phillips

Meeting sweet Perrin was such a moving experience. He is a big guy with such an incredibly gentle soul. A little nervous around strangers and strange places he expresses himself in the most endearing way! By grabbing his leash and leading mom & dad back toward the car. When I first met Perrin in the park it was clear he was nervous, but I brought lots of steak treats and just sat on the ground with him. I almost couldn’t contain myself when his training over-powered his nerves- I held a treat out in my hand and while he wasn’t paying enough attention to me to take it, he did give me a high-five. Just before turning back to the car again. It took some walking, some patience, and lots of steak treats for Perrin to come out of his shell. I’m just grateful that with a little bribery he warmed up and shared his wonderful personality with me.

Their story started almost a decade ago when Ginger was working her way through school as a barista. The first time Michael came in for a coffee Ginger knew he was the one for her, and showed him how she felt with the gift of caffeine. It may have taken him a few free coffees to catch on but Michael did eventually ask a co-worker for her number, and the rest is history. It wasn’t long after that Perrin joined the family.

Perrin- the Bernese Mountain Dog who was almost a Shiba Inu. Wait, wha? Not long after Michael and Ginger started dating, Michael felt the draw of adding a fluff-ball to his household. Living in a historic downtown home meant great architecture but not a lot of space. So, the logical guy that he is, Michael felt like a smallish dog would be best suited. And he was drawn to a litter of Shiba Inu puppies at a local pet store. Ready to bring one home, he called up Ginger and invited her along for the fun. In a box near the front door were two little bear pups who immediately caught Gingers heart. But Michael was still leaning toward a small dog, so they continued on to the Shibas. But something about the crazed antics and barking of the little Shiba’s felt like nails on a chalkboard. And Ginger nudged Michael back toward the little bears by the front door. Perrins calm disposition and loving personality won the day. And they’ve been a family ever since.And they’ve been a family ever since.

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