Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Julep & Dakota's Fall Frolic

by Kris Phillips

Patt & I met several years ago when a friend of hers hired to me to photograph the pet parents of their community. Patt gave me a call in the Fall because she wanted to capture some lasting memories of her puppy Julep, who turned 1 on October 14th.

Julep is an adorable Mini-Aussie who is sweet & loving but keeps Patt on her toes with an insatiable want to play! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tennis ball or a stick, Julep wants it! And she wants you to wrestle it away before you get to throw it! 

I could hear Patt giggling as I sat awkwardly on the ground spinning around and around with a stick in one hand and my camera in the other, because the second I let go Julep was off & running with it! But to capture this adorable puppy at playtime was totally worth all the dirt on my jeans. 

Julep also has a best buddy to play with- Dakota. Dakota is quite the handsome guy. And he lives just down the street. But Patt babysits him during the day while Mom & Dad are at work. What a perfect arrangement! If fact, our photo session was partly a gift for Dakota’s parents too!

 Handsome Dakota is the perfect playmate for sweet Julep. He’s able to keep up with her and so well mannered that Julep is about as perfectly behaved and any 1 year old puppy possibly could be. 

It definitely took a high shutter speed to keep up with this adorable duo!  But they were SO MUCH FUN to photograph! We took these in the beautiful Cherry Creek area, at a small park next to a historic farm.

At the end of the day there’s nothing sweeter than puppy kisses. And Patt sure gets her share of them. I look forward to coming back as Julep grows up!

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