Find Your Winter Wonderland

by Kris Phillips

Colorado in the Winter is basically a playground for grown ups. Ok, so Colorado is basically a grown up playground any time of year. But some of us have a special affinity for Jack Frost.

Do you have a Northern Breed?










Would your dog look totally normal carrying a small cask under his chin?

Have you ever thrown a snowball for your dog…only to giggle guiltily while he frantically searched for the magic disappearing ball?

Do you love to ski or snowboard or sled?

Have you ever gone outside and made a snowball to bring back in and peg your boyfriend when he wasn’t looking?

If you LOVE winter then your photos should reflect that. But finding a great place to shoot can be tricky. Snow makes everything beautiful but Denver can be a little stingy on the white fluffy stuff. While I can’t guarantee snow I can recommend some great spots that are perfect for winter photo sessions.

Parfet Park in Golden.

Winter is a GREAT time for CityScapes.

For one, buildings are generally the same color no matter what time of year it is. So that cool architecture will look great any time. Cold weather also alleviates one of the most difficult aspects of urban photography – People. Between keeping a dogs attention and just having a clear shot, photobombers can make getting a good dog photo exceptionally difficult and occasional impossible. But when the weather is cold, foot-traffic is limited to people who absolutely must get somewhere. There are lot’s of great locations in downtown Denver, but I’m totally in LOVE with a recent find just a little closer to the mountains in near Parfet Park in Golden. 

The red brick architecture goes a long way to warm those cool winter photos.

And winding walk-ways wrap under an along Clear Creek for a wilderness meets urban jungle feel.

Evergreen Lake:

If you’re looking for a more mountainous vibe, and a better chance of finding snow, you’ll have to venture just a little further West. The area around Evergreen Lake is beautiful year-round. But in the Winter it’s extra special.

The raised walkway that winds around the lake makes for great photo ops!

The lodge and pine trees make this spot as picturesque as possible for any outdoor  adventure enthusiast.

Whether you prefer towering trees or winding walkways these two great locations will make the perfect setting for your winter photo session!


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