Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Choosing A Winter Wardrobe

by Kris Phillips

Whether you’re playing in the snow or frolicking through a golden mountain top field- Winter photo sessions can be absolutely magical!

There are definitely some great benefits to shooting in the winter.

Ordinarily high traffic areas may be completely abandoned. Let’s be honest. As much as we all love winter most people prefer to love it from inside, by a fireplace, with a hot cup of coco. So if you don’t mind the cool air and want to feel like celebrity on a closed set with a whole mountainside to yourself -now’s the time! But how to dress the part?!

This is the perfect time to break out jeans, cords, fleece, and flannels. Warm heavy fabrics are best. Let’s be real here. We live in a cold climate and most of winter is COLD! No matter how cute your favorite sun-dress is, freezing your butt off is not fun. And if you feel miserable you will look miserable.

Consider adding some jewel tones. Depending on your location selection winter can sometimes be a little monochromatic. Especially if you’re in an urban setting. So adding bright colors is a great way to add vibrancy to your photos.

Dress in layers. That way you can adjust and be comfortable as the morning warms up or the afternoon cools down. This is just good advice in winter no matter what you’re doing. But when it comes to photos you want to do it strategically. If you’re not careful those extra layers can add bulk. Try a fitted long-sleeve shirt under a down vest. If you’re going to wear a heavy jacket go for slim fit jeans. Plus, those layers give you more options without having to change clothes behind a tree.

And somehow guys just always look more comfortable and confident in winter wear. Peacoats and cable-knit cardigans are warm, functional, and polished looking. 










You can call your Christmas cards DONE! You know that one great family shot we all forget about until December 1st and then scramble to get done in time. It seems family holiday card photos fall into two categories: Classic or Silly. There’s nothing wrong with either option if it suits your personality.  If you’re leaning toward the former you can just wear what you wore for the rest of your session. Or select a shirt or scarf with the traditional red or green hues.

But if you’re more of a silly & fun holiday card person I’d recommend planning a wardrobe change. Yes, the reindeer antlers and ugly sweaters are great fun, but might not be something you want on the wall year-round. These are your photos…have fun with it! Some fun & silly photo ideas could be super matching outfits that remind us of those old big box studio photos from childhood. Or you could pull out all the stops and go full-holiday!

Whether you’re planning ahead for next Christmas or just taking advantage of the cool weather the most important thing to keep in mind is that your look suits your surroundings. If there’s snow on the ground jeans or cords are best. If your a dress kinda girl, pick something heavy and wear leggings-Darker colors will make your legs look longer. Top that with a cute long sleeve or sweater and layer with a brightly colored vest, jacket, or scarf. Finish the look with boots and you’ll have beautiful images that warm your heart year round.

Above everything else choose something you FEEL GREAT in!

The TLDR version (I know you skimmed and looked at the pictures)

*Dress for the season

*Pick a fabric that’s warm: denim, flannel, wool

*Add pops of color – Jewels tones are great this time of year.

*Accessorize with vests, scarves, nice coats.

*Layers not only allow to you get comfortable if the weather changes but create quick wardrobe change options.

*Save crazy Ugly Sweater pictures for a wardrobe change.

*Pick something you FEEL GREAT in!!!


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