Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

The 4-Pack Overrun Staunton Park

by Kris Phillips

The brutal cold couldn’t keep these guys from having fun! I had a great time the last weekend on November hiking around Staunton State Park with Morgan & Taylor and their awesome pack of sweet puppers!

When Morgan first told me she had a 4-pack, I thought “oh boy-this’ll be a challenge.” Man, was I wrong! These guys were so on point I ended up with twice as many pawesome shots as normal!

I’d love to introduce you to Dakota- a lovely lab mix who has no idea that she’s an older gal. Don’t let those grey hairs fool you. She’s just as good at protecting the yard from squirrels as her younger siblings.

But really, when she’s not taking in the pawesome mountain views on her many adventures with her pack, she’s quite happy to curl up on the couch with Mom.

The second lovely lady in the pack is Miss Reya (Sunshine)! This super sweet GSD loves to play fetch.

 But her absolute favorite hobby is playing keep-away from her little brother Todd.

I’m actually surprised any of the photos of them playing turned out at all. While Reya ran around with the stick and Todd tried desperately to get it back from her, I was laughing so hard I could barely keep the camera focused! The BEST part was when smarty-paws Todd finally got the stick and quickly chomped it in half. Now there were two sticks!

One for him and one for Reya.

Todd’s place in the pack is proof that being a failure isn’t always such a bad thing. Sweet Todd is a foster fail. Who woudn’t fall for that adorable scruffy face!? Not to mention his huggable personality.

And then there’s the littlest and newest member of the pack; Teeny-tiny Castor. The absolutely adorable Chinese Crested puppy. If ever there was a dog who might have ended up in my camera bag it would have been this little cutie pie. But that could just be because he reminds me the My Little Pony’s I treasured as a kid.

Mr. Castor packs a whole lotta personal style into that tiny frame. This little guy has no idea he’s the smallest pack member but the way he sits between Reya’s front feet makes me think he doesn’t have to worry about any school yard bullies.


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