Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Woman sitting by the creek in Fall with her dog.
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Woman sitting in the park with her Dachshund
Photo of Cattle dog giving kisses
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
Photo of woman with multiple dogs in mountain field.
Border Collie Dog Photo
Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.
Border Collie photo in park with owner
Dog Photo by Clear Creek in Golden Colorado
German Shepherd with owner in the mountains.
Hound mix photo in Golden Colorado
Yorkie dog photo Downtown Denver
Siberian Husky photo in Rocky Mountains

Playtime For Posie!

by Kris Phillips

Spent a beautifully warm Fall afternoon in one of my favorite spots with Liz, Henry, and Posie.

Liz & Henry have been together for 13 years! And married for 7, and they are just as in love as ever! But they just brought Posie into the family a few months ago. Little Posie won them over at a PetSmart adoption fair when she sat patiently waiting for passers-by to notice how absolutely adorable she was. After falling in love Liz & Henry, not wanting to make Posie an impulse purchase, agreed to wait and see if she was still looking for a home after they finished shopping. As fate would have it when they returned a few hours later Posie was still waiting patiently. This little one settled right into terrorizing the cat when no one is looking. Like a lot of sweet babies she cries when Dad leaves for work but always runs to Mom when she’s scared and needs a cuddle. It’s pretty clear she is one very LOVED puppy.






I have to give Liz & Henry a LOT of adventure credit! When we met up for our session he admitted he had NO IDEA what to expect, and showed up anyway with an adventurous attitude and great smiles. This fun family was up for anything…even splashing in the freezing creek!

Like any proper 5 month old pup Posie was a bit of a wiggle worm and a few shots quickly turned from picturesque to a scene from WWE as she pounced on her parents. I’m mean, hey why else would they be laying on the ground if they didn’t want to play?

When their wedding photos were taken in Cosumel they had a wave crash up and splash them both. So it only made sense to recreate the experience with a little help from little Posie. Wet Dog Alert!!!


One of Posies favorite places to hang out is Boggy Draw Brewery. She may not be old enough to drink, but she just loves to people watch!

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