Residents of Sync36 & Post River North get a visit from the Santa Paws!

by Kris Phillips

Just a few days before Christmas Santa Paws finished up his rounds visiting all the Good Dogs of Sync36 & Post River North. Both communities offer gorgeous amenities from world class fitness centers complete with actual classes to pawesome resident lounge & play areas. During our visit Sync36 provided the most elaborate hot cocoa bar I’ve ever seen. And Post River North offered up a holiday feast for their residents.

Some pups came ready to interview for the position of “Santa’s Little Helper”










Others came ready to pull the sleigh!
















And some pups wanted the big guys job! :)


Finding a dog friendly apartment can be a hassle, especially if your dog is larger than your average cat. And while a LOT of places around Denver allow dogs, it’s not nearly as easy to find one that truly embraces them.


We met a LOT of best buddies!














But these sister communities certainly go above and beyond for their dog-loving residents. And the community of dog-moms and dads goes out of their way for each-other. We met one great guy who just kept coming back with different dogs. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked if he was a member of the staff, or perhaps a dog walker. He laughed and said, “no, we just all help each-other out”. One dogs parents were skiing in Aspen that day, and another on a plane to New York. They were his dogs playmates and he didn’t want them to miss out on their visit with Santa Paws!

We met some BIG dogs! And some senior dogs!














And when we had a pup or two who was a little shy of the big guy, not one person grumbled about the extra time they had to wait while the shy guys warmed up to Santa.

We had more than a few “puppies first Christmas” pictures <3 














Check out this adorable baby Bernie!


We even met some dogs that MEOW!












And some pups wore their holiday best! While others just stole Santa’s spot.

All and all Santa Paws & I had  great time meeting all the wonderful pups & pet parents lucky enough to call Sync36 & Post River North home. We’ll see you next year!


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