Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Uptown Dog Locations

by Kris Phillips

Despite what those pet food commercials would have you believe not every dog has the soul of a wolf, or some deep-seated desire to answer the call of the wild. Some dogs reign supreme over the Urban Jungle! Preferring the feel of concrete under paw over mud between their toes. These denizens of LoDo deserve a photo local that reflects their lifestyle.

Union Station Area: A perfect spot for the true Urban Legend. We’ll use the beautiful architecture of this historic neighborhood as a backdrop for your pups photo session. This is a great spot for winter photography as you’ll find fewer people out and about.



















I LOVE the way our glass and steal high-rises overlap with the more classic architecture of this historic area. Shooting in this area is not for the shy or faint of heart. A handsome doggo with his own personal photographer is bound to draw some attention of passers-by. Not to mention the passing trains & city buses.


City Park: If you’ve been to the Denver Zoo or Museum of Nature and Science, then you’ve been to City Park. It’s an expansive 330 acre urban park, which include the zoo and museum, rolling green lawns, rose gardens, and weeping willows.  Not to mention Ferril Lake, City Park Pavilion, and a playground. All of these features create great photo opportunities with the Denver cityscape peaking over the horizon.












Cheesman Park:This is the ultimate grassy oasis in tucked among towering skyscrapers. The Rolling green lawn backs up to our beautiful Denver Skyline. While you can’t dance in the fountains they are beautiful.







The epic pillars of the pavilion lend your images a classical feel.  The only drawback of this lovely local? It can be very, very crowded. The neoclassical pavilion is a prime location for wedding photographers, and even weddings so the opportunity to photograph there can be hit or miss.

Each of these locations has it’s very own historic charm. Lets find the perfect spot for your pup!


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