Dog House Rules-Printable

by Kris Phillips

This is a wonderful time of year. There’s gift giving, lots of great food, and so much gathering of friends and family. Some of my very best memories are wrapped around the holidays.
Unfortunately, all those gifts, food, and gatherings can also mean unexpected hazards for the furry members of the household. With so many people visiting it can be hard to keep track of the dog. No one wants to be responsible for sending the family dog to the ER, but sometimes people just don’t know the house rules.

Here’s my shareable guide to make sure every visitor knows how to keep your fur-babes safe. You can even print & customize it! Then post somewhere your guests will be likely see it. 

Get your copy!


Wishing you all the joy & happiness this season can bring!

*This is by no means a complete or definitive list. Consult your vet with any questions about your pets health, and what your pet can or can not eat.

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