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Last Minute Gifts For Dog Lovers

by Kris Phillips

Remember when you were a kid and the holidays were the most magical time of the year? You got to tell Santa all the great stuff you’d been hoping for? That was AWESOME!

And then you grew up, and as much as you want to love the season it’s also one of the MOST stressful times of year! Why? It’s not that you don’t want to give all your loved ones the perfect present-it’s because you DO! But oh the expression when you ask another adult- “What do you want for Christmas?” Whether it’s your best friend, your husband, your mom, or your grown siblings; odds are the answer is always the same- a groan, an eye roll and a mumble of “I don’t know, I don’t really need anything”.

The reality is we live in a see-it, want-it, have-it culture. Two weeks ago I ordered a dress online for a 20’s themed holiday party. When it still hadn’t arrived yesterday afternoon I ordered a backup dress on Amazon at 5pm- it arrived at 10:30 this morning! CRAZY! So as an adult you don’t wait for Christmas to get that cool thing you decided 5 seconds ago you couldn’t live without. You just buy it! You work hard to be self-sustained, so it feels weird to ask someone for the things you want. Even I’m very guilty of this one. My family asks- what about new photo equipment? My answer- it’s too expensive to be a gift, or too specialized, or I picked it up on Black Friday.

What’s that mean for gift givers? Endless shopping & end of the year scrambling for just the right present. Now, some people are masters at this. My sister actually shops year round and hoards her perfect finds until the perfect time. I am NOT this disciplined. If I found you something cool yesterday I want you to open it TODAY!

Still stumped on what to gift your favorite pet parents?

Check out my guide to last minute gifts for dog lovers! I’ve done some hunting and hand picked these ideas based on creativity and availability. You should be able to get them by Christmas…if you hustle!

Just For Funzies:

Dog Shaming 2019 Calender

Where to get it: Kohls








Dogs & Wine Make Life Better wine glass.

Where to get it: Amazon.com






Dog Loving Home Decor

Where to get it: Hobby Lobby- They have a great variety of dog related decor items.





Want a gift that keeps giving? Consider a subscription service like BarkBox or BullyMake

Looking for something a little edgier? Check out the killer assortment from ArmTheAnimals.comMy experience with ArmTheAnimals is that their cause is wonderful, the products are quality, but their shipping times suck! You’ve been warned.

For the Practical Pet Parent:

Know someone who’s dog is always getting lost? Check out Findster, a gps tracker for your dog! As of this afternoon they are even promising to deliver by Christmas.

Gift Certificates: Some times it’s just best to let your friends pick out their own presents.

Shop local-Consider a gift card for your local boutique pet supply store.

High Maintenance Pup– See if your friends favorite groomer offers gifting options. It’s like buying a spa day.

Furever Friends Photography– Give your favorite pet parents the gift of beautiful memories with their fur-babies. And I guarantee they’ll think of you every time they lay eyes on their pawesome images! Email: Kris@FureverFriendsPhotos.com for details.

Happy Gifting!

From our fur-family to yours we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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