Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Demon, Diablo, & Dakota's Clear Creek Cavorting

by Kris Phillips


This story started eight years ago. Demon & Dakota joined the family as tiny pups. Scott found them in a newspaper ad. When Kim picked up little Demon he licked her nose and stole her heart. In that moment, Kim and Scott knew Demon would be joining the family. But there was an unexpected addition as well, as Kim held tiny Dakota the wind rushed over the old tin roof, and the runt of the litter shivered and snuggled into hear arms. Not one to leave a frightened baby, Kim and Scott made room for one more member of the family.


It wasn’t long before Kim & Scott found that double the cuteness also meant double the trouble. But the pair of siblings had already won Mom & Dad’s hearts on day one and wouldn’t be going anywhere.








It wasn’t until a few years later that Dakota spotted little red-headed Diablo at a North Star Husky Rescue booth.And she decided he should join the family as well. Every time the family walked by Dakota made her best effort to play with the 8 month old pup in need of a family.














And after some time he was able to join them as a foster, who became a foster fail and permanent member of the pack.


With a calm dignity that exceeds his age, Demon runs the pack. But don’t be fooled this older guy has a silly side. While trying to get one more family photo he couldn’t contain his playfulness and sent us all into hysterics by rolling over and flailing around in the grass.








This is a family so filled with LOVE who wouldn’t want to roll around in the grass with these adorable fluff-balls.

I can’t wait to get this great collection on their walls just in time for the holidays!

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