Why Furever Friends?

by Kris Phillips

Why Your Dog Wants A Furever Friends Photo SessionBecause…Outside! Where does your dog want to be 5 minutes after you let him in? Either your lap, or outside…or BOTH! When we photograph outdoors it’s more fun for your pup, and more relaxing for you. Unlike a studio, he can pee anywhere he wants. Since we’re going to be on the move I carry minimal equipment, so there’s nothing expensive to knock over.

Because…Fun! Photography is also about capturing memories, so lets make them fun ones. We’ll take breaks for playing fetch or toss or chase. Sometimes these moments make the best pictures. I’ve got a bag full of treats, toys, & funny noises that’ll get your dog looking his best.

Because…Safety! Every dog is unique in their comfort and abilities in unusual settings. And while I love adventurous settings, Your dogs safety is at the forefront of every decision we make. Beleive it or not, almost all of my dogs are photographed on leash and when possible I remove the leashes in post-processing.

Because…Cameras Cause Canine Amnesia! Ever notice the second a camera comes out your dog has no memory what sit means? Or down, or stay. It’s not just you! Even the best behaved pups lose themselves on picture day. But I can’t stress this enough- IT’S OK! I guarantee your dog is NOT the worst one I’ve ever photographed. Probably not even the worst this month. My patience for crazy pups is endless. And no matter what the challenge is- I promise you a beautiful outcome.

Because…The Experience! Both yours and mine. It is my mission to make this a fun and stress free experience for you & your dog. I’ll guide you through every decision from where to go & what to wear to how to display all your favorite shots. I’ve been photographing dogs for over ten years. I didn’t just decide to jump on the pet photography bandwagon when it became the thing to do. And in that time I’ve worked with every challenging behavior a dog can have.

Because …Time! Time is perhaps the most valuable resource we have. It’s the one thing you can never really get more of. With every changing season puppies grow, grow up, & grow grey. Spend just a couple hours with me and you’ll come away with beautiful, timeless images that vibrantly reflect the love you share every single day. Photos that will bring a smile to your face every time you walk in a room for years to come.

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