Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Neo & Ava's Legacy of Love

by Kris Phillips

When Bernadette first reached out to me about scheduling a Legacy Session for Neo & Ava I wasn’t honestly sure she was for real. She spoke with so much love, so much passion, and so much openness about her experiences, her loss, and her love for her two fur babies it was a little overwhelming. With every story she told I found myself wanting to know more about this wonderfully sweet & quirky woman. 

It’s not every day someone tells you how their tiny puppers saved their lives. Occasionally, you hear about how a big dog chased off an intruder. But, sure enough, little Neo & friends saved their moms life, not once but twice! Once when she was severely ill they licked her until she woke up and went to the hospital. And again when she fell and hit her head.

When I met Bernadette last Spring at one of my favorite locations around Denver I could only hope she was everything I’d come to expect from our phone chats. I was not disappointed!

Bernadette’s love and appreciation for Ava and Neo just radiated from her. And they very clearly return the feeling.


Neo- The Chosen One, was named for, you guessed it, the cutting edge cinematic hero from The Matrix. Though his sweet disposition tells me all that awesomeness hasn’t gone to his head. Took all my self control to not snuggle-squish his cute fluffy-butt!

Ever so elegant Ava with her adorably crooked smile and gorgeous blue & creme Deluthe coloration. She absolutely stole my heart!

And these die-hard Denver Bronco fans couldn’t help but don their jerseys for a couple snaps.

When I dropped off Bernadette’s beautiful wall collections she told me she had a surprise. Just days after our photo session another needy doggo found his way into her heart. When a little lost Bichon was found wandering on the streets by a family member, knowing that Bernadette had a soft spot for Bichon’s it was almost unquestionable that he would join the family. And the name of the newest addition to this family of Leo’s who’d been found wandering lost an alone? Why SIMBA of course!!!

When it comes right down to it, Bernadette is one refreshingly real, very cool chick. I can’t wait to photograph her newest addition!

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