Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Woman sitting by the creek in Fall with her dog.
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Woman sitting in the park with her Dachshund
Photo of Cattle dog giving kisses
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
Photo of woman with multiple dogs in mountain field.
Border Collie Dog Photo
Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.
Border Collie photo in park with owner
Dog Photo by Clear Creek in Golden Colorado
German Shepherd with owner in the mountains.
Hound mix photo in Golden Colorado
Yorkie dog photo Downtown Denver
Siberian Husky photo in Rocky Mountains

Ile's Fall Fun!

by Kris Phillips

One of the Denver pet charities closest to my heart is Colorado Pet Pantry. They do amazing work to help keep pets with the families that love them! So when Paige first contacted me to schedule a session she’d won in a drawing for donors I knew she had a generous heart.


And when she told me about Ile, her 7 year old red & white Husky, I knew she was a woman after my own heart!

And when Ile decided it was time to play, Paige happily obliged, playing keep away with her own jacket!









Beautiful Ile gave me plenty of opportunity to catch her in action. She even showed different sides of her personality!  With a relaxed run, a determined run, and yup…silly faces too :P

And when SHE was done playing she flopped down with Mom for some quick snuggles.

An close-up view of this snuggle-butt revealed she’s got one unusual & stunning trait, heterochromia iridis: or two different colored eyes

It turns out there are a some legends about this gorgeous trait. Some say that sled dogs with two different colored eyes are faster over the snow. Ile certainly challenged my shutter speed as she zipped around Lyons Park!

Another myth suggests that they can see both Heaven & Earth at the same time. And another suggests they are great protectors, though I feel like this snuggle butt is more likely to kill you with cuddles that guard the manner.

I don’t know if any of that’s true but I feel like if Ile’s going to tell anyone her secrets it’s probably her Mom. 

And this pretty pup clearly has a lot to say.

The mid-morning heat gave Ile the perfect excuse to splash around in Clear Creek.

Ile’s bigger than life personality and Paige’s classy Southwest Style inspired this cool canvas collection.


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