Labor(ador) Day-Not Just For LABS!

by Kris Phillips

Labor Day is about the only holiday weekend dedicated solely to being lazy! Ok, so technically Labor Day is intended to celebrate the American Workforce. But we all know the best way to celebrate working is by NOT working. And nobody sets a better example of how to relax than our furry friends so why not include them in your long weekend plans. Here’s six fun ideas to make sure your furry friends get to enjoy the long weekend as much as you do!


1.Back yard lazing.
Nothing says long weekend quite like a BBQ with friends in your own back yard. Beat the heat with a kiddie pool and sprinkler set. Throw some ice cubes in for dogs who like to bob. If you’re firing up the BBQ put together some special mini-burgers just for your pups. Keep those pup burgers simple though, no onions, no seasoning, just the beef on a bun.

2. Explore somewhere new
If your not feeling super lazy try venturing into the woods for a little relief from the heat. We’re blessed in Denver with an abundance of trails, but holiday weekends tend to draw everyone else to the great outdoors as well. So consider exploring new trails that are further from town. And since it’s still super warm seek out higher elevation or creek-side hikes.

Some of my favorite spots!




3.Spend a day at the lake.
Whether your playing fetch, swimming, paddle-boarding, or even boating consider bringing your furry friends along for the fun, as long as they like water. Don’t forget to check with the lake your headed to to make sure doggie paddling is allowed.  And bring lots of clean drinking water for you & your dog don’t rely on whatever is lurking in the lake to keep Spot hydrated. If your venturing far from land on your boat or paddle-board be sure to bring a doggie life-vest as well, not all dogs are great swimmers and even the best ones get tuckered out after a long day of fun in the sun.

4) Heed the call of the wild.
If you’re really committed to getting away from the hustle and bustle of our ever growing city go camp. Just keep in mind everyone else has the same great idea and plan ahead. Most campgrounds will allow you to reserve a space before you even get there. And if you’re lucky enough to take Friday off too you can beat the masses to the best sites. Camping with your dog is a great way to really spend time together since you will have to keep them with you at all times. Keep your pup and the wildlife safe by keeping them on a long leash while relaxing around the campsite. Be respectful of your fellow campers. And of course call ahead to make sure dogs are welcome where you’re planning to camp.


5) Hit the Open Road!

Who doesn’t love a road trip? There are so many cool mountain towns to explore just a short drive away. You can stop and check out Bridal Veil Falls & the Charlie Taylor Water Wheel in Idaho Springs. Look for Mountain Goats in Georgetown. Or spend a wonderful evening at the (very!) dog-friendly Hotel Glenwood Springs.

Two big safety points to keep in mind; never leave your dog in the car unattended. It’s so easy for “just a minute” to turn into 10 and to turn deadly in the summer heat. And if your pet isn’t already microchipped this is a great time to do it. That way if they somehow get away from you good Samaritans can find you anywhere in the country.



6) Pamper yourself and your pooch.
If your not exactly the “ruffin’ it” type you might find a pet friendly spa more your speed. With more pets becoming family more spas are becoming pet friendly. But they vary a LOT on just how pet friendly. Some places will schedule you for Mom & Pup mani/pedi’s, provide custom baked goods, and dog sitting while you go out for a nice dinner. Others require you to keep your pup kenneled if you leave the room and have size and breed restrictions. So call a head to make sure you get in all the desired pup-pampering. Or Do a home spa day! Coconut Oil is one of my favorite good for you & your dog “beauty products”.

Or combine your favorites; take a road trip to your favorite campground, go for a hike & BBQ while your there, then treat yourself and your pup to a nice pedicure when you get home.


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