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Keep 'em Safe While You Celebrate

by Kris Phillips

Every 5th of July our local shelters are overrun by hundreds of dogs & cats who got spooked by Independence Day celebrating and find themselves lost and afraid. The good news is a few simple steps will keep them safe and ensure you can enjoy the festivities.

  • Double check that your dogs tags & microchip information are up to date
    • Hopefully, if they do make a break for it someone will reunite you by the time the last sparkler dies out
    • There’s nothing more frustrating to rescuers than calling a phone number listed on a tag or microchip only to find it’s been disconnected
  • Keep them inside
    • The more inside the better. IF your pet is particularly afraid consider either crating them or closing them in a walk-in closet.
    • Not only will an interior room help dampen the fireworks but will give them added security
  • Thunder Shirts work wonders
    • A thunder shirt is a snug fitting jacket which utilizes pressure points to calm pets, like swaddling a baby
    • This is a product you can find online and at most pet retailers
    • It’s a drug free option
  • Leave the TV or radio on
    • Most pets are used to the sounds of a TV or Radio so fireworks might not be so alarming as they would be in a silent house
    • If it’s a little on the loud side the background noise will help drown out the booming fireworks
    • RelaxMyDog it an awesome streaming service with music designed to get your dogs attention.
  • Consider essential oils
    • Don’t feed your pet essential oils
    • Don’t apply essential oils directly on your pet
    • Use a diffuser or spray in the room with your pet
    • Lavender, Valerian, Ylang Ylang are just a few options that may help calm your dog’s anxiety
    • It’s a good idea to watch your pet for a while the first time you use a new product
  • Medication
    • If your dog has extreme anxiety talk to your vet about possible medication options
    • Do yourself a favor and have this conversation well in advance of the 4th.
    •  Some people find even something as simple as benadryl can be enough of a sedative
    • Be sure to consult your vet for proper dosage before giving your dog any medication

Our dogs may never appreciate the appeal of watching lights explode in the sky, but with a little preparation we can get them through the experience unphased.

Wishing you a Beautiful & Joyous Independence Day!!!

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