Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

Haley, Cody, & Max: Mountaintop Adventures

by Kris Phillips

Sometimes Winter photography can be a little tricky. When I recommended this beautiful mountaintop local just minutes from Denver to Tiffany as the perfect spot for photographing their active senior dogs it was ankle deep in snow. Lucky for us the snow melted off to reveal golden fields and a hillside that made the perfect setting for Haley, Cody, and Max’s big adventure with their awesome parents- Tiffany & Jed.

These college sweethearts were undeterred by the gusting winds and had a blast any way.











You’d never know the energetic Cody (Catahoula) and Haley (Chocolate Lab) are senior citizens as you watched them raced across the mountain meadows in pursuit of their favorite things; Belly Rubs & Tennis Balls!










While sweet Max just wanted to relax in the warm sunshine and maybe play a little tug with his favorite pillow :)










In between play sessions these awesome dogs granted me more than a few beautiful photo ops!











Rolling in the grass, Climbing trees, and just have great fun with the dogs-

When you take some risks and have some fun the results can be fantastic!

Tiffany & Jed and their super sweet trio of Fur-kids had fun with whatever creative photo ideas I could come up with! And the result was a beautiful custom canvas collection that will remind them of all the fun for years to come.

*real wall collection shown in a stock room for clients privacy


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