Hercules: The Big Surprise!

by Kris Phillips

Surprise was the theme of the day for Becki & Dan’s photo session with their big sweet dog, Hercules!

Becki planned this photo session like a ninja as an anniversary surprise for Dan. The goal was to celebrate both their love for each other and their lovable dog Hercules. She even managed to keep the secret until we all arrived on location in the mountains and I curiously asked Dan “So when did you find out you were being photographed?”- “Just now”.












Driving through the rain & fog up to Idaho Springs that morning I wasn’t even sure we’d be able to shoot. But the Sun surprised us as well by breaking through the clouds just in time.

For some reason when Becki told me Hercules was a terrier mix- silly me, I imagined a little guy, like a Jack Russel or Yorkie. So you can imagine my surprise when this big, lovable doggo hopped out of the car to say hello! 








Hercules didn’t have the easiest start in life. For some reason this big sweet dog found himself at a shelter with only days left on his clock when Becki & Dan saved him! It’s been quite a few years but Hercules shows his appreciation every day.

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