Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Fall puppy photograph Golden Colorado
Woman sitting by the creek in Fall with her dog.
Photo of Bernese mountain dog with owner in the mountains.
Four Dogs Photographed in Colorado Mountains
Woman sitting in the park with her Dachshund
Photo of Cattle dog giving kisses
Bernese Mountain Dog Photographed Outside Denver Colorado
Photo of woman with multiple dogs in mountain field.
Border Collie Dog Photo
Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.
Border Collie photo in park with owner
Dog Photo by Clear Creek in Golden Colorado
German Shepherd with owner in the mountains.
Hound mix photo in Golden Colorado
Yorkie dog photo Downtown Denver
Siberian Husky photo in Rocky Mountains

Put a little LOVE on your walls

by Kris Phillips

After your session I’m not going to just hand you a USB and wish you luck on figuring out what to do with your photos. I am a firm believer that you want to actually enjoy your images. And lets be realistic; how many photos do you have sitting in digital format on a drive somewhere that you’ve completely forgotten about? Yup, Me too! At last count I had roughly 2 terabytes of family photos, vacation pictures, and just life captured. But I also have very special images printed on canvas or metal, or framed and hung on the wall, because when I get home from a rough day I want to be greeted by the love in my life. But the options can be so overwhelming that most people procrastinate actually getting their photos ever off those drives and into the real world-nope it’s not just you! Everyone does it. Which is why I don’t consider my job done until you’ve got beautiful art work you can actually enjoy! I’ve got amazing software that will allow me to design beautiful galleries and show you exactly what your images will look like on YOUR OWN walls.

Framed prints, Canvas, and Metals are all fantastic ways to display your favorite photos. But which one is right for you?

Frames: Framed wall collections are classic and versatile. If you have an existing collection, it’s easy to add new images in a matching or complimentary frame. I love the way a 2 inch wide black frame makes a vibrant image pop out against a neutral wall. Frames also offer a great way to coordinate images that might not necessarily go together otherwise. Think of the hallway full of family photos collected from the extend family- each having it’s own style, it’s own color scheme. If you put them all in matching frames it brings the whole collection together! Plus, you have the ability to update your photos as the years go by. Classic frames never go out of style, every time we update your photos, I’ll keep track of what frame sizes you ordered and you can simply order new prints. I’ll even come over and change them out for you!

Canvas: Canvas collections emphasize the artistic aspects of your images. They stand on their own and are perfect for making a statement. I LOVE placing canvas collections on boldly painted walls. Canvases will stand the test of time, they are light, durable, and versatile. Don’t have wall space? Looking for a cool, unique way to display your images? Whether hung on the wall or set atop the mantel a beautiful canvas is bound to make a statement.




Metal: Metal prints are fairly new in the world of photography. They create a vibrant, modern, edgy feel. I offer metal prints in standard square & rectangle, in a variety of sizes. But I’m super excited about honeycomb metal prints which create a one-of-a-kind collection when clustered together in groups of three or more.

You’re probably going to fall in love with more photos than you can comfortably fit on your walls so I also offer smaller options that are perfect for your coffee table.

The options are endless! Which is why custom design services are included with every photo session.

I want to ensure you get the absolute most enjoyment out of your images for years to come!

Considering an update? Let’s chat! Shoot me an email: Kris@FureverFriendsPhotos.com


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