Photo of Golden Retriever dog playing in the creek.

5 Unusual but Useful Tricks for Your Trail Dog

by Kris Phillips

Hitting the trails with your four legged hiking buddy is one of the best things about Summer. It’s a great chance to get some fresh air & exercise while Fido takes in all kinds of awesome smells. While your out there exploring take some time to teach your dog some new tricks that will make your hike even better.

Easy”- This one is a gentle reminder when your on a wide comfortable trail. It just means “do what you want but don’t pull”.


 “Foot”– This one is great no matter what you’re doing! When you’re dog inevitably gets tangled in his leash, teach him “Foot” to pick up his paw and let you sweep the leash out.














“Wait” & “Go“- If you’re going down particularly difficult terrain (think 3-point climbing) where you have to carefully pick your way over and between big boulders “Go” gives your dog the freedom to pick their own path, when they reach the end of the leash “Wait” asks them to stay put while  you work out your own footing.


“Heel”– Ok, ok, this is not unusual, but I’m a strong believer in teaching your dog to heel. Mostly, because by your side is about the safest place to be.








“Heel Back or Behind”– This one might be a little more unique. You’re on a narrow, winding, rocky trail. If your dog is in front of you it obscures your view of the trail coming under you feet. “Heel Back” just means “follow behind me”.


Happy Trails- Happy Tails


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