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Kris at Burney FallsKris is an avid nature photographer as well — always looking for the perfect shot, as she scopes out new locations.

Here, she is taking in the wildlife and scenery at Burney Falls in northern California.

“Dogs may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole”— Roger Caras

They're not just dogs, they're my fur-kids.

When the new man in your life willingly gives up his spot on the couch to the furry man in your life, you start thinking he might be a keeper.

Muddy pawprints, smudged windows, and dog hair are just a part of life.

It's the weekend, the sun is shining, you're:

  • A.Enjoying a picnic in the park with your pup & your favorite people
  • B.Headed to the mountains to tackle your next 14er, with your dog riding shotgun.
  • C.Lacing up your tennies to train for your next 5k with your favorite 4-legged running buddie.
  • D.Strolling through the Pearl Street Farmers Market watching your pups nose go wild at all the awesome smells.
  • E.I have to pick one?

The Furever Fur-KidsThis is Kris posing with two of her furkids: Floki (left) and Swota (right)

If any of the above rings true then we have a lot in common. The outdoor, dog-loving lifestyle brought my husband, myself, and our fur-kids to Colorado in August of 2013. Since then we've made it our mission to embrace the lifestyle wholeheartedly. And any weekend I'm not shooting you can probably find me on a new adventure with my husband, Robbie, and our adopted Huskies Swota and Floki.

Kris & Boom BoomKris was one of the caretakers of Boom Boom the Rhino in his later years.

A lifetime of caring for animals large and small has given me an understanding that they don't always know what we want from them. Before our move to Denver, I took a 3 year hiatus from photography to be a zoo keeper. It was a life-changing experience that taught me many things, above all, infinite patience.

I love being outside and I photograph dogs outdoors where they can play, be crazy, chase a ball, relax in the sun, and just be dogs. When we get together for a photo session I don't expect your dog to be a model. I expect him to be a dog who sits-maybe, stays-for half a second, licks my face and camera lens, is more interested in the squirrel than me. In short I expect your dog to act like a dog, slobbery kisses, muddy pawprints, dog-hair, and all.

Vet TechKris' love for animals led her to comfort and care for other's furever friends at their most vulnerable.

Kris & KiboKibo the Giraffe is posing with her favorite wildlife keeper.

Kris will have no trouble photographing your cats, dogs or horses; as she is comfortable around any creature: from tiny lizards to zebras, giraffes, and even rhinos!

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