Your Session

What to Expect

Each setting can take up to two hours. This gives your pets time to get used to having a new person around and to relax. The average is between an hour and an hour-and-a-half. DO NOT WORRY if your pet is not perfectly behaved! Kris is used to working with animals and will keep shooting until she has some great shots for you. If you STRESS your pet will stress. One of the reasons Kris enjoys being out of the studio is because the animals are usually happier being outside—even if the are not perfectly mannered.


The location is your choice. If you do not know where you want your photos taken just ask Kris. She is always happy to suggest a location depending on the type of pet you have and the theme you have in mind.

What to Wear

Your clothes should be something you are comfortable in. Don't forget you will be playing with your pet, maybe sitting on the ground or hugging them, so wear clothes that will stand up to that. Color is not so important since we are outside, stripes and loud prints are usually not a great idea. While your old jeans with the holes may be the most comfortable thing you own, don't forget these are photos that will be around for a long time, make sure you are wearing something that you want to be seen in.

When can I expect my photos?

At the end of the photo shoot Kris will set an appointment for sometime in the next few days this will allow you to view a computer presentation at your leisure. You will be able to take some time and choose the photos you love most.

Since Kris has all photos printed professionally, they will last indefinitely. It will take about three weeks for your prints or album to arrive...

This should be a stress-free event for both you and your pets. So relax, and have fun!