Location, location, location!

by Kris Phillips

Beautiful photos can come from almost anywhere. Which is why I don’t mind photographing your dog in your own backyard. But if you want to be a little more adventurous, or don’t have a back yard, There are lots of great locations to choose from around this super cool city of ours.

What makes a great location:
Look for someplace that has a scenic view that’s unobstructed by housing developments.
Rolling hills, tall flower beds, or established trees that serve to fill the frame behind you are great.
Creeks and small ponds are lovely especially if they have tall trees around them.
Unique architecture also makes for great photos.

What to avoid
Lakes tend to photograph flat and boring, depending on what’s around.
Avoid dog parks, they are great fun for your dog but usually don’t provide the most scenic backdrop. And all the other dogs will make it really hard to maintain your pups attention.
Not sure where to go?
That’s OK too. I’m happy to recommend some of my favorite spots.

Lions Park in Golden


I’d love to pretend like this is some great find of mine but this park is probably one of the most popular photo spots in the whole Denver area. And it’s no wonder. Depending on where you travel along the creek you can catch the mountains in the back ground. Clear Creek runs right through the heart of the park. It’s an easy climb out onto the boulders in the creek, and there are shallow inlets for pups to play in the water. Plus a bonus historic farm for a few rustic pictures.












Cheesman Park in Downtown Denver

This is the ultimate City Dweller location. Epic pillars frame your images for a regal, classic feel.The Rolling green lawn backs up to our beautiful Denver Skyline. And while you can’t dance in the fountains they are beautiful.












Bear Creek Park in Littleton

This one is a bit of a hidden gem. To get to the park you have to get off 285, cruise through a neighborhood and back under the highway. While it’s a little tricky to find Bear Creek Park it is a great spot for photos. With trails winding up and down both sides of the creek there are plenty of photo ops in the manicured park as well as the wilds of the creek.











There are so many amazing locations around Denver that I could never list them all here. If know of a great spot for photos feel free to share the address and pictures in the comments.

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