About Furever Friends Photos

Kris Phillips is the creative mind behind Furever Friends Pet Photography. Her choice to specialize in outdoor pet photography was born of her love of seeing animals in their most playful and natural state. Furever Friends was born many years ago in Tucson, AZ after Kris sought to include her beloved dogs Yukon & Shadow in her family Christmas photo. After much hunting she found a studio that would “allow” the dogs. But the photographer was completely afraid of them. He stood as far away as possible, he literally had one foot out the door. The dogs were clearly unimpressed and the whole thing yielded some not-so-great photos. That's when Kris realized that there were probably other people out there who loved their pets like family and yet struggled to include them in the family photos. And Furever Friends Pet Photography was born.

An avid lover of animals large and small, Kris began her career at a young age. She rode and trained horses in high-school. She earned an Animal Sciences degree from the University of Arizona in 2007. That degree opened doors to become both a vet-tech and later a wildlife keeper. She has swum with dolphins and attended the birth of sable antelope. In short, if it gives her an opportunity to be close to animals, she in! But her passion for art rivals her love of animals. Through Furever Friends, she has found a way to merge the two. Unlike many photographers who focus first on the photography, Kris approaches each session with a focus on how to get the best from your pets. And how to navigate their individual personality to create a work of art that you'll be excited to hang over the couch.

What people are saying about Furever Friends Photos

"Kris is awesome! She knows how to capture each individual pets' personality. Kris took the time to get to know the humans and the pets. I have recommended her to many friends, and will definitely call her again." — Robin M.

In Her Own Words

"I believe my love of nature came from growing up in two of the most beautiful places in the U.S.: Jackson Hole, Wyoming and San Diego, California. I found my connection to animals at a very early age preferring horseback riding over surfing or skiing. My childhood summers and holidays were spent watching the moose and deer eat in my grandparent's front yard and the eagles fly over their house. It was during these summers that I learned balance, creativity, and design from my Grandfather, sculptor Virgil Goodman. It was his passion for nature and the beauty of the animals that has remained one of my driving memories. I hope my work stands as a tribute to his love and guidance.


"The rest of the year was spent living near the ocean and watching the dolphins and whales swim as I played on the beach. A move to Texas when I was a teenager gave me the chance to be surrounded by horses all through high school. I learned how to train and guide them, and how to read their body language.

"My love for animals in their own environment continues to this day and I believe it has encouraged me to pursue photography in a more unique manner

"I've been fortunate enough to live in some beautiful places, and I am so grateful to now call Colorado home. My husband, Robbie, and I moved here with our fur-kids just a few years ago. Since then we have made it our mission to embrace the outdoor lifestyle that makes this an amazing place to live. Whether it's hiking with the dogs, white-water rafting, or kicking back at a craft beer festival the adventures are endless, and whenever possible we seek out ways to share the fun with the fur-kids. They are so much a part of our lives that we even plan our vacations around them.

"NOW you probably know more about me than you wanted to, but I hope this helps you understand that, when I meet up with you for a photo session, I begin with an understanding of how much you love your pet and how connected they are to you."

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